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King Size Air Mattress


Experience The Room and Comfort of a King Size Air Mattress

There are several features you want to watch for when trying to find the perfect king size air mattress, especially if you are looking for a raised air bed. When searching for a quality raised air bed, finding a sleeping surface that is comfortable should be high on your list of priorities. Try to find a king size air mattress that has a soft plush top but that can still provide the firmness and stability to support your back.

The second feature you should demand from any king size air mattress is that it is made of heavy duty material that is build to last and resist punctures. Obviously, when buying a king size air mattress, the size of the mattress is not going to be an issue. But when you decide to invest your hard-earned money into something as big as a king size air mattress, finding one that is going to last you many years is important.

The final feature you want to look for in a king size air mattress is the air pump. Due to the sheer size of a king size air mattress, you want to make sure that the air pump is sufficient to do the job quickly and easily. Especially if you are looking at buying a raised air bed. Regardless of whether it is an electric air pump or a battery air pump, make sure that it will inflate your king size air mattress in a couple minutes or less.

Now that you know what to look for in a king size air mattress, go ahead and read through our raised air bed reviews listed below.

Air Cloud King Size Air Mattress with Remote

This beautiful king size air mattress made by Ait Cloud is the king of comfort. Measuring 80"L x 72"W x 20"H, this high quality raised air bed features features a comfortable flocked fabric on the top and sides of the mattress. The raised air bed will fit standard king size mattress sheets and has flocked fabric grips to keep the sheets firmly in place.

The Air Cloud king size air mattress has an exclusive remote control feature that allows you adjust the bed to the perfect firmness level with the touch of a button on the remote. A built-in electric air pump comes standard with this rasied air bed. Simply plug it in to any wall and you can inflate this king size air mattress in only 3 minutes.

Coleman King ComfortSmart Quickbed King Size Air Mattress with Pump

This quality made Coleman king size air mattress is made with an exclusive puncture resistant PVC formula which is 15% more protective against punctures than other air mattresses. This air mattress is comfortable, yet durable which is exactly what you want in a king size air mattress.

The Coleman ComfortSmart coil system ensures your comfort by conforming to the sleep position of your body. An advanced double lock valve system prevents leaking by locking in air 2 different ways and wide side gussets ensure that your body will reap the benefits of comfort and stability. You will be able to inflate and deflate this 79" x 75" x9" king size air mattress quickly and easily with the Coleman Quickpump which is included with the air mattress.

Texsport Air Valve Line King Size Air Mattress

Whether you need a king size air mattress for camping or for guests, you can count on the Texsport king size air mattress to do the job. Its been contructed using a strong and sturdy pre-tested PVC which has a flocked coil beam sleeping surface for maximum comfort.

This king size air mattress measures a full 79" x 72" x 9" and includes a heavy duty repair patch to make repairs a snap. The Smart Inflation-Deflation S.I.D. valve allows you to inflate this king size air mattress with ease.


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