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Coleman Air Bed

Your Guide to Finding and Buying the Perfect Coleman Airbed Online

Coleman has been a top brand for camping equipment and gear for years. This includes products like the Coleman airbed that helps campers sleep much more comfortably than they used to. When I was younger camping meant sleeping in your sleeping bag on the hard ground on various types of terrain, but now the story is much different. On top of RVs and motor homes taking over tents, you can now bring along an airbed that is just like sleeping on your home best.

There are many great Coleman airbed models to choose from and sites like Amazon offer a wide variety of prices to help fit your budget. You should always know the size of airbed you need before buying to ensure you have enough space for it. You always need to consider where you will be using this airbed as some models do better indoors rather than outdoors. Also consider whether or not your airbed comes with an air pump or not because inflating an airbed with your mouth can be very tiresome and time consuming.

For great support both indoors and out, the Double High Coleman airbed is a great choice. It includes the wrap and roll easy storage system like most Coleman airbeds, and is raised 18” off of the ground. A raised airbed makes it much easier to get in and out of the bed without having to roll or maneuver your way out. This model is also best in its class and made with puncture resistant PVC. That feature makes it great for outdoor use as well so you can sleep like a king on your next camping trip. You can find this model on Amazon for about $60 and it may even qualify for free shipping to your home!

The most popular Coleman airbed model has to be the Quick Bed. This model also comes with the wrap and roll storage system which makes it easy to deflate and roll up on your camping trip. The less time you spend messing with your tent and mattresses, the more time you have to enjoy your trip. You can get this model in twin, queen, king and the 4 in 1 system as well all for $30 to $80. This makes it affordable on virtually anyone’s budget and with Coleman’s leak free guarantee you can be even more confident in its durability.

For people with space limitations the overnight Space Saver Coleman airbed is perfect. This model is actually a comfortable twin sizes air mattress place on a Coleman cot. You can even pull the mattress off for two sleeping areas. This air mattress is affordable at around $70 but well worth it with the space you can save and the ease of storage. The Space Saver even has storage bags hanging from the end of the cot to put your necessities in. This Coleman Air Bed is great for people who wear glasses so they can safely store them but keep them readily available no matter where they are.


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