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Coleman Air Bed

The Coleman Air Bed: An Industry Leader

For years, the Coleman air bed and other Coleman camping equipment has been thought of as the leaders in when it comes to outdoor products or anything else you may need for the best camping experience. A Coleman air bed can provide you years of use for camping, day and weekend trips, and even those crazy sleepovers with the kids.

Coleman Air Bed Products

Coleman has come a very long way since their start in 1905 when they only produced gas lamps. Now, the company sells lamps, outdoor cooking supplies, tents of all sizes, of course their now famous Coleman air beds, and even paint ball equipment. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors with a Coleman air bed and when you visit sites like Amazon, you may even be able to take advantage of some super savings.

Whether you are looking for a twin, queen, raised, or pillow top air bed, Coleman has the products to fit your comfort needs. There are so many benefits to owning Coleman air beds or any Coleman product because they truly stand behind everything they put their name on. For a quality, durable and reputable air bed, always choose Coleman.

Double-High Coleman Quickbed with Electric Pump

The twin-sized Double-High Coleman Quickbed with Electric Pump is a great option regardless of whether you are looking for a great camping air mattress or simply an extra bed for unexpected guests. This light-weight portable air bedColeman Quickbed has been custom designed to give you a good night's sleep every time.

This Coleman air bed features the 21-coil ComfortSmart coil system, a raised platform that inflates to the same height as your regular mattress, and a super-soft suade top to give you extra comfort. You won't have to worry about losing air with this Coleman air bed due to the AirTight system. This system features a double-lock valve to give you twice as much protection against leaks. If camping is your activity of choice, you will love the 120 volt built-in air pump which inflates and deflates this Coleman air bed quickly and easily.

Coleman Double Sized Quick Bed

The Coleman Double-Sized Quickbed is another Coleman air bed to consider . It is one of the most commonly purchased Coleman air mattresses online and in stores. The wrap Coleman Air Bedand roll storage system makes this model easy to store and to take on trips.

With the 48 coils built in it offers you consistent comfort no matter what terrain you’re sleeping on. These are probably the most affordable models that come in around $50 or less on sites like Amazon, but they typically do not come with a pump. Search all the options on Amazon and you may find this model with a pump included for easy inflation.

Double High Coleman Air Bed

For a bit more quality and support, the Coleman Queen Double-High Airbed is perfect for you. It has dual chambers that act like box springs and a mattress of a traditional bedColeman Air Mattress for extra comfort and support. This model comes with a 120 volt pump, storage bag, wrap and roll storage system, and of course soft suede top for even more comfort.

This bed is great for unexpected guests or that extra comfort on your next family camping trip. If you don’t mind used items, you can find this model for around $60, but to get this Coleman air bed brand new on sites like Amazon, you can expect to pay just under $100.

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