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Aero Bed

Aero Bed Raised Air beds Are Top Of The Line!

Aero Bed raised air beds have been racking in the positive reviews ever since the mid 90’s. But with the growing rate of technology, these beds are more comfortable than ever. Aero Bed makes some of the highest quality air mattresses on the market with your budget in mind. These beds have two or more chambers to provide you with the ultimate comfort level and the most realistic experience to a real bed you will find. The dual chambers act as the box spring and top mattress of your traditional bed for maximum comfort.

Aero Bed Raised Air Mattresses

Aero Bed raised air mattresses are great for people who use air beds as their only bed like students or in-laws that come to stay. However, these air beds are not just for indoor and home use. Most of them can withstand many types of terrain, so you can take them camping or on your weekend getaways with confidence. Since Aero bed raised airbeds are a bit larger than the standard air beds, it is recommended you always opt for the models with a built in battery or electric pump. This is the more efficient way to inflate and deflate your bed quickly.

To help you select the perfect Aero Bed raised air mattress, here are some AeroBed air mattress reviews of several of their popular airbeds.

Aero Bed Raised Explorer Air Bed

The Aero Bed Raised Explorer Bed is one of the best models to consider when shopping Aero Bedfor a new raised air mattress. It even has a built in cordless flashlight pump! Although it does not include the batteries for the pump, it does inflate in less than 3 minutes and can be used with almost all fitted sheets.

This Aero Bed raised model is great for camping as it comes with an easy storage bag and storage capabilities. The edges are also raised on this model to prevent anyone from rolling off the bed in the middle of the night.

Aero Bed Raised Comfort Guest Air Bed

The Aero Bed Raised Comfort Guest Bed continues to be one of the most commonly purchased Aero Bed raised air beds. It comes in twin, full, and queen sizes, all for around Aero Bed Raised$100-$140 on sites like Amazon. It can inflate in less than 3 minutes and deflate in 60 seconds or less. It also has the familiar pyramid design to prevent the bed from rocking or swaying and sagging.

The only negative thing that has been said about this Aero Bed raised air bed was that the pump was very loud when you’re inflating it. If that is the only downside to this raised air mattress, we would say it is money well spent.

Aero Bed Raised Queen Airbed

If you want a true bed-like experience on your air bed, then take a look at the  choice is he Aero Bed Raised Queen Airbed with Pillow Support. This model includes a 24” completely inflatable headboard for back support and look of a traditional bed. These inflatable headboards can actually make it easy to get in and out of these air beds, which we all known can sometimes require some additional effort.Aero Beds

For about $140, you can get the Aero Bed Raised Headboard, dust ruffle, pump, and duffle bag for easy toting. Every review placed on Amazon by buyers like you have given no less than 5 star ratings, so you can be sure you are getting a high quality raised air bed.


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